The company, run by a family, is located in San Giacomo, a small fraction of the municipality of Roncade in the province of Treviso. The medieval church, built in the name of San Giacomo Ap. The Maggiore, is the symbol of the town. At the foot stands the farm "Le Vigne di San Giacomo" that respecting the traditions has wanted to maintain the vocation of the territory by engaging in the cultivation of the vine. The Giacomin family, with its experience and considerable enthusiasm, controls all the production phases. The splendid vineyards are cultivated with the Guyot system with high plant density and low yields per hectare; this choice gives the wine grace and elegance in balance with structure and aromatic complexity. The winery is a completely new structure and equipped to accommodate the most modern winemaking techniques that coexist with ancient traditions. All this allows the production of wines typically typical of high quality.


..... The scent of the earth, of wild flowers, of the flowers of grapes
to finish the fragrance of the dew that kisses from
the early morning sun leaves you that warmth in the body and soul
that immediately connects you with the simplicity of living,
linked to the rhythm of agriculture ....... Fundamentals of how much we want to transmit and teach our children,
to educate to nature. An experience that remains indelible in the soul of every child
who lives a day in symbiosis with the Vineyard.